D.P.I. safety s.r.l. was founded in Italy – Milan in 1996. Engineers focus on the airbag protectors which offer real higher protection than rigid ones. Company invested in research and developing on the “Cold Explosion Technology” which is the base of the airbag system.

The innovative technology is patented and the first application was for  Motorcycle field.

After long prototyping, testing and engineering process in 2003 EQUIAIRBAG® is ready for the market field test and immediately it showed high protective features during real accidents.

In 2009 the airbag technology is ready to be inserted in different kind of garment.

In 2013 EQUIAIRBAG® received EN162/4 certification (certification as motorcyclist’s airbag protector) + APPROVAL FOR EQUESTRIAN USE. Till now it is the unique airbag technology with such certification





Headquarter is located near Milan (Italy). In the same building there are R&D Department and Testing LAB, (equipped with impact and test machine used by Notified Body), production line, warehouse and offices. 

Even if automatic assembly line is present, the fundamental parts of the airbag system is handmade assembly in order to get 100% reliable airbag system. Each airbag system is identified with serial number after passing the activation test



EQUIAIRBAG airbag technology is as in Open Source and Available for all Equestrian Brands

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