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The new EAB v4 Pro is the top airbag protection for Equestrians thanks to its 2 synchronised airbag systems that protect the rider comprehensively. Cervical, neck, abdomen, thorax, back, spine, sacral area.

The EAB v4 Pro is equipped with an activation cable to be connected to the saddle. The length of the cable is minimal both to give the rider comfort and to ensure timely intervention.

Once activated, the EAB v4 Pro automatically deflates in approximately 30 seconds. Its elastic fabric construction does not cause any particular constriction during airbag deployment.

Airbags are rechargeable after deployment.

EAB v4 Pro is made of soft elastic softshell and internally in comfortable 3D mesh for maximum breathability. The airbag systems are held securely in place with two front buckles ensuring that the EAB v4 Pro always remains stable and is incredibly comfortable to use.

The design of the EAB v4 Pro and the materials chosen mean that the airbag waistcoat perfectly follows the shape of the body while remaining snug.

The EAB v4 Pro can be worn over both training clothing and a competition jacket.

The EAB v4 Pro has extendable side panels to allow it to be worn over a Body Protector when required.

The package includes both the connector for connection to the saddle and an effective three-coloured webbing to attach to the saddle itself to limit accidental activation (avoiding, especially on first use, dismounting from the horse and forgetting to disconnect the cable from the saddle).EAB v4 Pro is prepared for the insertion of an additional CE EN1621-2 rigid protector, if required by the regulations (purchasable separately at and is equally compatible with EN13158 BETA3 protectors for competitions requiring them.

EAB v4 Pro is certified as an Airbag Personal Protective Equipment (with extension to equestrian use) according to the EN1621-4 standard for motorbike application, which demands much higher requirements than generic airbags simply CE.

EAB v4 Pro is available in 5 adjustable sizes.



EAB V4 Pro


    • 100% reliable mechanical triggering
    • Two airbag systems with synchroniser
    • Protection volume = 25 litres
    • Regenerable after activation
    • Inflation time: 80 milliseconds
  • EAB v4 Pro has double CE EN1621-4 certification:

    • Front airbag – AIRBAG EN1621/4 Level 2 DC certified (Maximum level)
    • Rear airbag – AIRBAG EN1621/4 Level 2 FB certified (Maximum level)
    • Additional certification for Equestrian use
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